In our own creative way we are chuffed to support Checkers’ message for planet sustainability. The Chocolate Tribe team pushed photo-realism in creating this ground-breaking ad that features 3 fully CG creatures, and that are anatomically accurate in design. An incredible feat to groom 5 million to 10 million hair strands

for the polar bear and orangutan. Fur simulation for the orangutan and polar bear were done in Maya XGen. Muscle simulation in Ziva Dynamics. It was awesome to work with Bioscope Films and 99 Cents.

Agency: 99 Cents
Executive Creative Director: Marius van Rensburg
Creative Director: Krige van Rensburg
Deputy Creative Directors: Wilton Brandt & Carina Coetzee
Production Director: Hylton Heather
Producer: Melissa Curtis
Senior Account Manager: Muneeb Davids

Production Company: Bioscope Films
Director: Rio Allen
Exec Producer: Daniel Kaplan
Producer: Lee-Anne Jacobz

Visual Effects / Post Production: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
VFX Producer: Corlia Ohlson de Fine
Lead Compositor: Jean du Plessis
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
Legal and Business Manager: Nosipho Maketo – van den Bragt