Silverton Siege

Silverton Siege is a gripping story, goosebumps galore inspired by true events in the 1980s and directed by the tour de force Mandla Walter Dube and produced by Usual Suspects.

Chocolate Tribe did all the visual effects on this film including set extensions, cleanups, 3d helicopter, 3d police vehicles, explosions, blood, muzzle flashes, fire enhancements. Collapse power station. Crowd duplication.

VFX Company:Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor:Rob van den Bragt
Lead Technical Director:Tiaan Franken
On-Set VFX Supervision:Rob van den Bragt, Johan Wentzel
Producer:Corlia Ohlson de Fine, Nono Mofokeng
Lead Compositor:Johan Wentzel
Compositors:Alistair Johnson, Emanuela Pereira
3D Artist:Tiaan Franken, Roche Staats, Glenn Ewan, Rob van den Bragt
Digital Matte Painter:Michael Howard
Legal:Nosipho Maketo – van den Bragt