Penny "Christmas Doesn't Need Much"

Chocolate Tribe collaborated late 2018 with Glassworks to rig and animate multiple characters as well as do the 3D animation on the social media campaign for the Germany based company Penny. Working on the adorable little boy, the struggling mom and the magical polar bear, Chocolate Tribe fully animated over 50 seconds for the main TV commercial, as well as all the main character rigging.
The 2 minute commercial was a combination of miniature sets and CGI. With miniature environments filmed in the UK, shot plates were provided in order to integrate and extend the scenes using CGI environments and characters, such as the polar bear scene. An extensive amount of conceptual art design was required in order to give shape to the magical world.

Our Lead Technical Director Tiaan Franken rigged the boy character, polar bear and mum, and assisted with the hair and fur setups, and our animation supervisor, Rob van den Bragt, worked for 6 weeks with the animation team to refine every nuance of the character’s emotions. A smooth custom workflow was developed between artists from Glassworks and Chocolate Tribe through the use of Shotgun and other tools. Our artist managed to complete the project in less than two months. It was a labour of love for the team, and we all were sad when the project came to an end. Congratulations to our creative team for creating an absolutely heart warming and memorable Christmas ad. We hope everyone had a loving Christmas and a loveable New Year.

Client: Penny
Agency: Serviceplan Group
Executive Creative Directors: Christoph Everke, Alexander Nagel
Creative Directors: Matthias Schuster, Moritz Dornig
Copywriter: Alessia Coschignano
Art Director: Rebecca Labiner

Post and Production by Glassworks Amsterdam / Chocolate Tribe

Directors: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser
On Set Supervisors: Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, Kyle Obley
Animation Supervisor (Chocolate Tribe): Rob van den Bragt

Modellers: Matias Zadicoff, Esteban Pedrozo, Jose Manul
Rigging: Tiaan Franken, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens
Character Styling and Texture: Matias Zadicoff, Esteban Pedrozo
Animators: Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, Alastair Hearsum, Glenn Ewan, Casey Chelchinskey, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens, Roman Hinkel, Jon Park
Animation Assist: Heidi Stohr, Hugo Perdiz, Zolna Minik
Tracking and cameras: Jef Fleurkens, Aaron Smith, Davide Uccellani
Lighting and Render: Darren Macpherson, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser
Particles FX: Roman Hinkel
Lead 2D Artist: Kyle Obley
2D Artists: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Maxence Peillon, Alexander Pattinson, Duncan Malcolm
Matte Painter: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Storyboard Artists: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Callum Austin
Concept Artist: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Engineer / Pipeline: Shaun Laws
Editor: Benjamin Putland
Colourist: Scott Harris
Chief Operating Officer: Anya Kruzmetra
Senior Producer (Glassworks): Ariella Amrami
Senior Producer (Chocolate Tribe): Rob van den Bragt
Post Production Coordinator: Salt Ibraeva
Travel Coordinator: Frankie Modugno
Production Consultant: Lauren Becker
Bidding Consultant: Rick Naude

SHOOT [via Glassworks Amsterdam] SECOND HOME STUDIOS

Shoot Producer / Motion Control Operator: Chris Randall
Director of Photography: Sam Morris
Camera Operator / DIT: Luke Unsworth
Gaffer / Rigger: Ian Whittle
Studio Assistant / Prop Style Assistant: Amanda Haas

MINIATURE SETS [via Glassworks Amsterdam] Clockwork Frog Films

Production Designer: Andy Farago
Carpenters / Fabricators: Steve Lafferty, Johnathan Lawrence, Simon Lipscombe
Specialist Model Makers: Alan Henry, Ruth Harrison, Paul Taylor, Sarah Right
Model / Prop Makers: Kat Simpson, David Riley, Abbie Skinner, Mark Heron, Steph Oakley
Soft Props / Fabrics: Lucy Sturley
Scenic Painter: Sara Watson
Music: Sizzer

Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt