Quizzical Pictures

Shaina tells an evocative story of a group of friends who encounter life-
changing obstacles that mirror the day-to-day challenges faced by many
adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe.

When the sole guardian of Shaina dies, a series of life-altering events are set in motion that force her to find strength to secure her future. Chocolate Tribe handled all the colour grading, clean ups and compositing.

Client: Quizzical Pictures

Director: Beautie Masvaure
Writer: Wanisai Chigwendere
Producer: Siphiwe Hlabangane
Executive Producer: Regan Alsup, Harriet Gavshon, Molly Hermann, Aric Noboa, J.P. Potgieter
Director of Photography: Tom Marais
Editor: Melanie Jankes Golden
Production Manager: Marlaine Tosoni
Post Production Manager: Moeke Lusithi
Post Production Supervisor: Rufaro Ruredzo
Production Company: Quizzical Pictures

VFX Services: Chocolate Tribe
Colour Grading: Craig Simonetti
VFX Producer: Corlia Ohlson De Fine
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
Compositing: Jean du Plessis, Johan Wentzel, Jannes Hendrikz