Grand Prix and Gold for KFC "Anything For The Taste"

KFC “Anything for the taste” wins at the Loeries 2023.

This advertisement follows Mr. Mulapo, the trusted “quality assurance inspector” who will go to any lengths to ensure that the KFC chicken is top-notch.

Romance Films approached Chocolate Tribe to do the compositing on this hilarious ad.  The concept of this young man dressing up as an older respectable gentleman to pass himself off as a food assurance inspector

so that he can fully indulge his KFC craving, even if this means he is often taking off like a bandit to evade discovery.

As with previous projects, it’s always a treat to work with the incredible duo of director, Greg Gray and producer Helena Woodfine with agency Ogilvy.   Well done to everyone who made sure that this ad won the prestigious Grand Prix Loeries award.