What we do

Chocolate Tribe is an award winning high-end visual effects and animation studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our core business is in feature film, television series and advertising. Our creative, technical and in-depth industry knowledge is a culmination of over 25 years of international experience. Our focus is on production pipeline and in-house tool development to streamline everything from the smallest to the biggest productions and deliver international quality standards. Clients include many major production companies, agencies and VFX houses, both locally and internationally. Clients include Netflix (Amsterdam, Los Angeles), BBC, DMC films, Voltage Pictures, The Mill (New York, London), Cinesite, Automatik, Axis, Passion Pictures, Glassworks (London, Amsterdam and Barcelona), Ogilvy, TBWA and McSaatchi.


These are some of our services:


  • VFX Planning
  • Scene Previs
  • Creature & Character Design
  • Concept Art


  • On-set VFX supervision
  • Data capturing
    • HDRI
    • colour charts
    • texture and reference photography
    • scene measurements
    • chrome & grey balls


  • Visual Effects
  • 3D Animation
  • Character and Creature Rigging
  • Game Cinematics
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Tracking and Matchmoving
  • Crowd Simulation
  • 2D Cleanup
  • Compositing



  • 1x Large Resolve Colour Grading / Nuke Online Suite (4K standard)
  • 2x Nuke Studio Online Suites (4K standard)
  • Various Client areas for meetings
  • 30x seats available for artists
  • 1x Overflow space for special projects (50m2)
  • Office space of 300m2

Our Clients

Clients include many major agencies and production companies, both locally and internationally. Such as Netflix and the BBC. To harness talent across the board, Chocolate Tribe believes in working with a diverse pool of people.

We welcome creative collaborations with other artists and studios. To get a better idea of our work, why not have a look at our showreel?


Penny “Only need Love” – Dutch Creativity Animation Award (2019)
Chicken Licken Big John – Loeries Gold VFX Craft Award, SA (2019)
Investec “Human Search bar” – Loeries Gold Award (2019)
Allan Gray “Father’s Share” – Silver and Bronze lion at Cannes (2019)
Chicken Licken Big John – Ciclope Best VFX (2019)
Chicken Licken Sbu 2.0 – Ciclope Grand Prix (2019)
Chicken Licken Sbu2.0 – Loeries Gold VFX Craft Award, SA (2018)
Robot & Scarecrow – Loeries VFX Craft Award, SA (2017)
Robot & Scarecrow – Sundance Film Festival Official Selection, UK (2017)
Roots Ep.1 – Visual Effects Society @ Nomination Outstanding Supporting VFX Photoreal Episode, USA (2017)

Further awards which were won over the years by our Executive Creative Director,and the respective companies who produced the jobs:

Thomson “Simon The Ogre” – Realise Studio – 2014– Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival: International Film Craft: Post/VFX Bronze– A-List Hollywood Film Advertising Craft VFX Silver– One Show: Single Merit Pencil– Cannes Silver Lion

Clover “Way Better” – Blackginger – 2011/12– International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart: Best advertising– Infocom EME Awards: Best International Animation– Mobius Awards: First Place Gold VFX Statuette– Official Selection Annecy

McCain “Good Unlimited” – The Mill – 2009– Creative Circle Awards: Best Production Design

Audi “Gymnast” – The Mill – 2008– Midsummer Awards London: Post Production Gold

Radiohead “Go To Sleep” – The Mill – 2003/04– 3D Digital Hero shortlist Music Video VFX CADS04 nomination Best Animation

Maya Master Award – A|W, Siggraph – 2003

Tooheys “Quest” – The Mill – 2003
– AWARD Best Commercial Gold– AWARD CG Animation Gold– Clio Best Animation Gold– Young Guns VFX Gold

British Telecom Broadband “Burst Pipe” –  The Mill – 2003
– Clio Bronze for Best Animation

Badenia “Baby” – The Mill – 2003– VDW Best Animation

BBBEE Status

Chocolate Tribe is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.


We are currently looking for the following:

  • Producer
    Skill level: Mid – Senior

    Software: Online scheduling and quoting tools, Microsoft Office (Word / Powerpoint / Excel), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress
    Candidate should have strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail. It’s important to be highly self motivated, as part of the job is assisting the studio to grow it’s market share and overall presence. Social media plays a substantial part in our marketing, so the ability to put together short articles covering recent jobs is a big plus. Client management, sales, quoting, scheduling, marketing, and staff support are the main requirements.


The positions below are mainly on short term or freelance basis, but you never know what happens, so send in your reel to [email protected] . There are always exciting projects coming in, that may be perfect for you to work on with us. The software skill is a plus, but learning something new is part of the job, so if you are willing to learn, then don’t let this stop you.

If your skills aren’t listed below, but you have a passion for Film, VFX and/or immersive technology, as well as a strong drive to be great in our field and you have talent? Get in touch, as we always have things going on.

  • 3D Generalists
    Level: Junior- SeniorSoftware: Maya, Houdini, Redshift, Arnold, PFtrack, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush, Programming (C++, Python, MEL coding a plus)
    Strong openness to learn, self motivation and a team spirit are essential. Generalists ideally work in Maya, but based on the project, this can be Houdini or whatever else suits the project best. Generalists will be expected to model, texture, shade, light, setup FX and render. Other skills above the aforementioned are of course a plus. They should have a broader understanding of colour, composition, 3d, video and film in general.
  • 3D Modelers (Organic and Hard Surface)
    Level: Junior- Senior
    Software: Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush
    Strong openness to learn, self motivation and a team spirit are essential. Both organic (i.e animals, creatures and humans) and hard surface (i.e. robots, props, architecture, transport models) modelers should get in touch. A good understanding of sculpting, form, UV’ing and topology a big plus.
  • 3D Animators
    Level: Mid- Senior
    Software: Maya
    Animator should have a good understanding of animation timing and posing. We are looking for characters and creature animators.
  • Lighting TD / Lighting and Texture Artist
    Level: Junior- SeniorSoftware: Maya, Redshift, Arnold, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Mudbox
    You will mainly handle shading, texturing, lighting and managing the rendering. We are both interested in the more technical lighting TD’s and the more artistic lighting artists. Making something look real and integrated into a live-action scene is a big part of VFX, and making something look amazing is a big part of VFX and Animation as a whole.
  • FX / Character Rigging TDs
    Level: Mid – Senior
    Software: Maya, Houdini, (C++, Python, MEL coding a massive plus)

    An agile open mind, team spirit and an out of the box thinking mind required. The FX and Character TD ideally can hop between the two disciplines, but either way, we’d like to hear from you. FX TDs may be asked to work on particles, liquids, fluids, cloth, hair, fur, feathers, etc… Anything procedural really. This could be in Maya, as well as Houdini. Character riggers will most likely work in Maya and should have an understanding of anatomy, muscle deformation, scripting and artist friendly rigging.
  • Online Compositor
    Level: Mid – Senior
    Software: Nuke, After Effects, PremiereClient management is a big must for online compositing work as you are working directly with clients. We are interested to meet mid to senior level 2D operators only. Nature of work would be based on the projects which can be dealing with live-action plates, as well as VFX/animated work. You will need a good eye for colour, composition, as well as possibly some retouching and Digital Matte Painting. On-set supervision experience to assist directors and DOPs with the filming process is a big plus. Being a quick and practical person will be of great use.
  • Compositor / Digital Matte Painter
    Level: Mid – Senior
    Software: Nuke, After Effects, PremiereNature of work would be based on the projects. It could be retouching live-action plates, integrating 3D into live action, as well as full 3d animated work. Client management is a plus, if you were to move over into online compositing work, but generally you will only work with the Chocolate Tribe team. A good eye for design, image retouching, digital matte painting, colour, composition a massive plus.
  • Matchmovers
    Level: Mid- senior
    Software: Maya, PFtrack, 3D Equalizer
    Tracking 3d scenes, objects and facial movement. It’s important to be precise, have a good dose of problem solving skills and have a clear understanding of distortion grids, cameras, lenses, film backs, etc…