Lego | In-House direction

Lego Jurassic Short Film

We recently had an absolute blast and hammered out a short film, directed by our in-house Rob van den Bragt.

We had ONE WEEK and only TWO studio leads were available.

Enjoy a mix of all that is enjoyable! Dinosaurs, Lego and jungles full of adventure!!!


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Credits are really short:
Direction / Modeling / Layout / Animation / Compositing : Rob van den Bragt
Lead TD / Texturing / Shading / Rigging / Rendering : Tiaan Franken
Dinosaur modeling : Kyly Sheldon
Music is borrowed from the the amazing work of Jurassic World’s Michael Giacchino and John Williams
Special thanks to the online Lego fan-base community, for sharing your Lego models and our passion for Lego with us! You all rock!