Chocolate Tribe worked with the talented team of Glassworks Barcelona and German director duo Dvein on this out of the ordinary series of ads for Audible. 3D scans were made of the actor’s heads,

rigged in Maya and we then precisely match-moved ever nuance of motion of their heads. Dvein then crafted amazing animated facial features with Glassworks to represent each person’s distinct alter-ego.

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Client: Chocolates Valor
Agency: El Ruso de Rocky
Director: Javier Verdugo
3D Artists (Glassworks): Carlos Cortés, Marco Rossi, Kiko Navarro, Justi Romero, Andrea Giordano, Ferran Casas, Anthony Vincent, José Manuel Linares
3D Artists (Chocolate Tribe): Rob Van Den Bragt, Tiaan Franken
2D Compositor: Alessio Bertotti, Riccardo Gambi, Dani Granado
Producer: Belén Palos
Colorist: Xavi Santolaya
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt