Volkswagen / Ogilvy Cape Town

VW Polo "Beware The Confidence"

The new Volkswagen Polo television commercial (TVC) is being launched by Ogilvy Cape Town, the brand’s long-standing local agency. According to Ogilvy, the TVC comes with a friendly warning: Beware the confidence. Ogilvy Cape Town launches a new TVC for Volkswagen. Directed by Greg Gray from Romance Films, the TVC, titled Red Flashy Thingy, shows viewers the journey of a young professional who buys the new Volkswagen Polo. The TVC shows him becoming overconfident as a result of the new features available in the vehicle. Parking in a reserved space sends him on a journey filled with ‘wailing’ CEOs, scientists,

space programmes, and one ‘red flashy thingy’. Our artists at Chocolate Tribe collaborated with Bladeworks on this hilarious ad to deliver 3D set extension and replacements. Rudimentary sets were filmed in studio purely as placeholders in order to be replaced in post by the 3D team at Chocolate Tribe and 2D team at Bladeworks. In other VFX shots, buildings were inserted or enhanced to create the look director Greg Gray was after. It was a great pleasure working with the the whole film crew and we are excited to share this project with you.

Director: Greg Gray
Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Case
Executive Creative Director: Tseliso rangaka, Nicholas Wittenberg
Creative Director: Mike Martin
Art Director: Chris Bass
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Alex Goldberg
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Ryan Barkhuizen
Agency Producer: Claudia Hall
Production Company: Romance
Production Company Producer: Helena Woodfine
Visual Effects:
VFX Houses: Bladeworks / Chocolate Tribe
Producer: Corlia Ohlson De Fine
VFX Supervisor / Compositor: Jean Du Plessis
Colour Grading: Pudding
Chocolate Tribe:
VFX Supervisor / Producer: Rob van den Bragt
Lead TD: Tiaan Franken
3D Artists: Jay Sheldon, Jascha Wolkinger
Sound Studio: Produce Sound
Sound Engineer: Louis Enslin
Strategist: Jayne McElwee
DoP: Rory O’Grady
Editing Company: Deliverance
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Music: Universal Production Music
Account Team: Vicky Buys, Chris Spencer, Loren Westoby
Client: Meredith Kelly, Bridget Harpur, Loryn Symons
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt