Behind The Scenes - Game Changers

70-80% of this ad is done in 3D animation, seamlessly integrating with the live action plates, using tools such as Maya, Redshift and Nuke. All boxing ring and video monitor shots are fully done in 3D, as well as 70% of Muhammad Ali.

Multichoice and Egg Films approached Chocolate Tribe to take their inspiring script and bring Muhammad Ali back to life.

The director, Adrian de Sa Garces, cast a boxer of similar build and fighting style. After filming multiple beautiful close up moments of the boxer and various reference angles, we went into a motion capture session to digitize all the boxer’s movements required for the full 3D Ali performances. With the live action plates and motion capture done, an advanced postvis was assembled.

Our 3D modeling, texturing and shading team started sculpting a highly detailed

Muhammad Ali model, as well as shaping the various 3D spaces for the live action and computer generated Ali to perform in. Detailed worlds were built in 3D emulating all the imperfections of real life. Once the model of Ali was ready, the rigging commenced in Maya. To ensure the body dynamics and deformations were as true to life as possible, Ali was rigged with a skeletal, muscle, fat and skin simulation system with Ziva Dynamics, simulating all the different layers needed to add that extra weight to his movements.

This massive project was so close to our hearts as the team was honoured to be bringing Ali’s legend back to life.

Thank you to everybody involved.

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