M&C Saatchi Abel

Behind The Scenes - Lexus "Hybrid"

The Lexus team at M&C Saatchi Abel approached Chocolate Tribe for an amazing surreal ad briefing which turns conventions on their head. Lexus “Out Of This World” takes the viewer on a journey through a fantastical world build out of Dali’esque type landscapes and structures.

The Chocolate Tribe both directed and created the ad together with a team of about 15 CGI artists. It’s a story of old vs new, pushing the idea of what the future can hold with a car that is powered by a hybrid engine. Shining a spotlight on the tension that exists between these opposites, positioning Lexus Hybrid as a car that brings together the power of two worlds to create something even better.

From the very beginning Chocolate Tribe built a solid foundation for the look and feel by creating countless concept artworks to represent the different worlds in the ad, which in turn represented the different aspects of the Lexus Hybrid.

The world created is so diverse, it would not have been possible any other way, but through the use of CGI.

A long list of mind boggling and challenging aspects from a mechanical dinosaur constructed of old car and machinery parts, a fantasy jackal in a lush green dense forest, a giant out of water fish, electrical plugs, power chargers, massive light bulbs floating over landscapes and floating cities brought together all the aspects of the car and set the ad apart from the mainstream ads in such a way, that you could not miss it. It was “Out of this World”.

The ad is fully created on the computer using tools such as MayaRedshiftNuke and Substance Painter. Every asset was modelled, textured, rigged, animated and rendered in 3D. The commercial maintains a surreal look and feel, which further heightened the experience.

Please click here to view the full commercial.