Behind The Scenes - "Human Searchbar"

This amazing collaboration with The Star Film and director Tristan Holmes resulted in a truly stunning visual and impactful commercial for Investec. Director Tristan Holmes had a clear vision and narrative for Investec a beautiful dark world of old and new. Old historical buildings with statues and detailed architecture, symbols of money, power and knowledge, amazing sets and seamless visual effects have made this multi-award winning ad worth watching over and over again. The production was shot in Bulgaria where Chocolate Tribe’s Rob van den Bragt was the on-set supervisor.

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The Tribe added various building set extensions, CGI birds, huge spit flaps walls and paper animations, snow and enhanced multiple shots. A fully blue screen set was through the magic of post production converted into a massive animated split flap wall and various paper simulations were added to the shots to enhance the volume of papers falling from above.
This was truly a unique project that Chocolate Tribe got the opportunity to work on and it was an amazing collaboration with Tristan Holmes and Star Films.