BBC | Ravi Ajit Chopra

Behind The Scenes-Cognition

Brit Sci-fi short Cognition, starring Andrew Scott and Jeremy Irvine and, produced and directed by Ravi Ajit Chopra, is a short dystopian sci-fi drama / thriller about a son confronting his past trauma to reconnect with his father. Journeying through the symbolic landscape of the subconscious mind, the story follows an unbreakable bond between father and son… A bond that transcends space and time…

Filmed on location at the iconic Battersea Power Station (London) with support from various BBC departments, including an orchestral score from the BBC’s 55 Piece Concert Orchestra, recorded at Air Studios in London.

Renowned production designers Universal Creations (Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy) built key sets and props. Emmy award winning supervising sound editor

Stuart McCowan and his team produced a searing atmospheric soundtrack at Twickenham Film Studios with a Dolby Atmos print at Abbey Road Studios.

Technicolor worked on the film from an early stage and provided grading and finish. Multiple VFX companies were assigned to individual scenes in the film.

Chocolate Tribe worked on the full opening scene of the desert on Planet Vega. All 40 shots were filmed in front of green screen, with the exception of 5 shots, which were full CGI. The Chocolate Tribe team designed and created all landscapes, storms and set extensions. Working closely with the director to set a look and feel for the world build, we moved onto the 3D, digital matte painting and compositing, using tools such as Nuke, After Effects, Maya and Redshift.  In total the film comprised of 350 Visual Effects shots.

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