Chicken Licken

Behind The Scenes-"They Also Crave It"

Chicken Licken – Hotwings – Zezorc

When you put together the creative team from Joe Public and Romance Films, under the direction of Terence Neale, we all get excited and magic happens.

Chocolate Tribe collaborated with the team in bringing Chicken Licken’s latest creation to life.
The project kicked of with our concept design team, bringing Zezorc, the friendly alien (and his “hangry” alter-ego) to life. It was vital for us to create an alien we could all connect with instantly.

Please click here to view the full commercial.

Once the design was locked, and the 3D character was modelled, textured and rigged, we spend a lot of time crafting every moment in animation.

The over 2 minutes long commercial takes you on the eventful journey of Zezorc and his earthling adoptive family. From camping in the dark woods to shopping for a new mailbox, Zezorc remains on a quest for something more. The story of our dear little friend makes you love our little wing craver, even though he has some issues controlling his hangry spurts.

It was 3 months of pure animation fun and we absolutely can’t wait to create more adventures with Zezorc. What a galactic joy this was!