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Investec "Human Searchbar"


"Human Searchbar"

This amazing collaboration with The Star Film and director Tristan Holmes resulted in a truly stunning visual and impactful commercial for Investec. Director Tristan Holmes had a clear vision and narrative for Investec a beautiful dark world of old and new. Old historical buildings with statues and detailed architecture, symbols of money, power and knowledge, amazing sets and seamless visual effects have made this multi-award winning ad worth watching over and over again. The production was shot in Bulgaria where Chocolate Tribe’s Rob van den Bragt was the on-set supervisor.

Please click here to view the behind the scenes.

The Tribe added various building set extensions, CGI birds, huge spit flaps walls and paper animations, snow and enhanced multiple shots. A fully blue screen set was through the magic of post production converted into a massive animated split flap wall and various paper simulations were added to the shots to enhance the volume of papers falling from above.
This was truly a unique project that Chocolate Tribe got the opportunity to work on and it was an amazing collaboration with Tristan Holmes and Star Films.

Client: Investec
Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg
Production Company: Star films
Director: Tristan Holmes
Executive Producer: Adam Thal
Post Production: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
Compositor: Johan Scheepers, Jannes Hendrikz
3D Artist: Casey Chelchinskey, Hugo Perdiz, Sam Visser
Production Assistant: Bianca Thusi
Audio: Produce Sound
Editor: Deliverance
Colourist: Nic Apostoli

"Legend of Big Mjohnana" Behind The Scenes

Chicken Licken / Joe Public

Making-Of "Big Mjohnana"

A short overview of the recent Chicken Licken “The Legend of Big Mjohnana” and the behind-the-scenes VFX work done by Chocolate Tribe. In 2 minutes, it has over 40 VFX shots.

Please click here to view the full commercial.

3 Awards in 1 Week

Romance Film, They, Joe Public, Glassworks

3 Awards in 1 week, we have had an amazing week.

Penny “Christmas Doesn’t Need Much” won a Silver Animation Craft Award at the Dutch Creativity Awards in The Netherlands (11 April), and last night (17 April) Chicken Licken “The Legend Of Big John” won the VFX Craft award at Ciclope Africa and Chicken Licken “Sbu 2.0” won the Ciclope Grand Prix! The Chicken Licken ads are now both heading to the finals in Berlin in November. Fingers crossed. The Dutch Creativity Awards Jury feedback regarding Penny was amazing: “The character design, animation and the visual details in the storytelling are heart warming, a beautiful short story that really touches you.”. Chocolate Tribe rigged all the lead characters and fully animated over 50 seconds of the almost 2 minute long ad.

It was an wonderful to yet again have teamed up with the Glassworks guys and work on this wonderful Christmas ad. Less than a week later, at the Ciclope Africa awards, we walked away with the Pink statue for the Visual Effects for Chicken Licken “Legend of Big John”. To top it of the Ciclope Grand Prix went to Chicken Licken “Sbu 2.0”. We had the honour of doing the visual effects on the Grand Prix winner of the night Chicken Licken “Sbu 2.0”. We want to thank TheyRomance FilmsJoe Public and all our passionate Tribe members for taking these exciting journeys with us to bring great VFX to wonderful South African stories.

Penny "Christmas Doesn't Need Much"


Penny "Christmas Doesn't Need Much"

Chocolate Tribe collaborated late 2018 with Glassworks to rig and animate multiple characters as well as do the 3D animation on the social media campaign for the Germany based company Penny. Working on the adorable little boy, the struggling mom and the magical polar bear, Chocolate Tribe fully animated over 50 seconds for the main TV commercial, as well as all the main character rigging.
The 2 minute commercial was a combination of miniature sets and CGI. With miniature environments filmed in the UK, shot plates were provided in order to integrate and extend the scenes using CGI environments and characters, such as the polar bear scene. An extensive amount of conceptual art design was required in order to give shape to the magical world.

Our Lead Technical Director Tiaan Franken rigged the boy character, polar bear and mum, and assisted with the hair and fur setups, and our animation supervisor, Rob van den Bragt, worked for 6 weeks with the animation team to refine every nuance of the character’s emotions. A smooth custom workflow was developed between artists from Glassworks and Chocolate Tribe through the use of Shotgun and other tools. Our artist managed to complete the project in less than two months. It was a labour of love for the team, and we all were sad when the project came to an end. Congratulations to our creative team for creating an absolutely heart warming and memorable Christmas ad. We hope everyone had a loving Christmas and a loveable New Year.

Client: Penny
Agency: Serviceplan Group
Executive Creative Directors: Christoph Everke, Alexander Nagel
Creative Directors: Matthias Schuster, Moritz Dornig
Copywriter: Alessia Coschignano
Art Director: Rebecca Labiner

Post and Production by Glassworks Amsterdam / Chocolate Tribe

Directors: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser
On Set Supervisors: Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, Kyle Obley
Animation Supervisor (Chocolate Tribe): Rob van den Bragt

Modellers: Matias Zadicoff, Esteban Pedrozo, Jose Manul
Rigging: Tiaan Franken, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens
Character Styling and Texture: Matias Zadicoff, Esteban Pedrozo
Animators: Darren Macpherson, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, Alastair Hearsum, Glenn Ewan, Casey Chelchinskey, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens, Roman Hinkel, Jon Park
Animation Assist: Heidi Stohr, Hugo Perdiz, Zolna Minik
Tracking and cameras: Jef Fleurkens, Aaron Smith, Davide Uccellani
Lighting and Render: Darren Macpherson, Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser
Particles FX: Roman Hinkel
Lead 2D Artist: Kyle Obley
2D Artists: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Maxence Peillon, Alexander Pattinson, Duncan Malcolm
Matte Painter: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Storyboard Artists: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Callum Austin
Concept Artist: Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Engineer / Pipeline: Shaun Laws
Editor: Benjamin Putland
Colourist: Scott Harris
Chief Operating Officer: Anya Kruzmetra
Senior Producer (Glassworks): Ariella Amrami
Senior Producer (Chocolate Tribe): Rob van den Bragt
Post Production Coordinator: Salt Ibraeva
Travel Coordinator: Frankie Modugno
Production Consultant: Lauren Becker
Bidding Consultant: Rick Naude

SHOOT [via Glassworks Amsterdam] SECOND HOME STUDIOS

Shoot Producer / Motion Control Operator: Chris Randall
Director of Photography: Sam Morris
Camera Operator / DIT: Luke Unsworth
Gaffer / Rigger: Ian Whittle
Studio Assistant / Prop Style Assistant: Amanda Haas

MINIATURE SETS [via Glassworks Amsterdam] Clockwork Frog Films

Production Designer: Andy Farago
Carpenters / Fabricators: Steve Lafferty, Johnathan Lawrence, Simon Lipscombe
Specialist Model Makers: Alan Henry, Ruth Harrison, Paul Taylor, Sarah Right
Model / Prop Makers: Kat Simpson, David Riley, Abbie Skinner, Mark Heron, Steph Oakley
Soft Props / Fabrics: Lucy Sturley
Scenic Painter: Sara Watson
Music: Sizzer

Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

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Audible “I am what I hear”


Audible "I am what I hear"

Chocolate Tribe worked with the talented team of Glassworks Barcelona and German director duo Dvein on this out of the ordinary series of ads for Audible. 3D scans were made of the actor’s heads, rigged in Maya and we then precisely matchmoved ever nuance of motion of their heads. Dvein then crafted amazing animated facial features with Glassworks to represent each person’s distinct alter-ego.

Client: Audible
Directors: Dvein
Production Company: Tempo Media
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Creative Director: Andreas Brunsch
Production company: Tempomedia
Executive Producer: Vera Portz
Colorist: Xavi Santolaya
Postproduction Studio: Glassworks / Chocolate Tribe
Sound Design: Banjo Music
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

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Chicken Licken "Big John Mjohnana"

Chicken Licken / Joe Public

Chicken Licken "Big John Mjohnana"

Chocolate Tribe was tasked with the visual effects and conceptual art design on this adventurous project. They Shoot Films and Joe Public teamed up with us in the beginning stages to create a realistic look and feel for the year 1650. The Tribe worked on more than 70 VFX shots creating matte paintings, conceptual designs of Big John’s village, CGI creatures, CGI Boat scenes, wave simulations and sky replacements. Our VFX Supervisor, Rob van den Bragt managed on-set supervision to ensure that all elements that were needed matched the vision of the director, Grant De Sousa. With the extensive amount of intricate detail of the creatures displayed on screen we used a combination of stock footage and in-house CGI to create the black panther, whale and shark.

Please click here to view the behind the scenes.

Jelly fish were modelled and rigged individually and blended into their environment. Our compositors seamlessly added the monkey into the edit. We conceptualised all The Kraken shots from beginning to end and integrated it into the World of Big John. If a long list of creatures wasn’t enough, we also modeled Big John’s boat and placed Big John in the middle of a massive storm using liquid simulations. Big John’s seemingly arduous journey to a new land could not stop him, and eventually leads him to the land beyond the horizon. Europe. Our team managed to create a workflow and deliver the final project in just a few weeks. We love an adventurous project that challenges us to greater heights. Well done to the creative teams that made this a reality.

Brand: Chicken Licken
Client: Chantal Sombonos van Tonder
Agency: Joe Public United
Group Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Executive Creative Director: Roanna Williams
Creative Director: Martin Schlumpf
Art Director: Mphela Mamabolo
Copywriter: Galaletsang Kgoathe
Strategy: Leigh Taylor
Account Management: Amber Mackeurtan
Agency TV Producer: Yash Raidu
Digital Agency: Joe Public Connect
Senior Digital Designer: Michael Carvalho – Senior Digital Designer
Executive Creative Director: Dylan McLean
Techinical Director: Ben Krawchuk
Senior Digital Developer: Neil Coetzee
Senior Digital Designer: Henno Reyneke
Copywriter: Jeanne Lloyd
Design Director: Aldo Pulella
Senior Project Manager: Ronel Landman
Business Unit Director: Emma Dougherty
Senior Digital Designer: Andre Lopion
Social Media Manager: Phike Mokuene
Head of Social Media: Kalliebree Keynerd
Production Company: they Shoot Films
Director: Grant De Sousa
Director of Photography: Alard de Smit
Executive Producer: Darren Gordon
Lead actor: Lusindiso Zondani
Stylist: Will Boyes
Post-production: Left, Chocolate Tribe, Tessa Ford Production
Production House Producer: Shannon Gloynne
Editor: Evyathar Katz
Colourist: Nick Apostoli
Online Operator: Simone Dokic
VFX Company: Chocolate Tribe
Visual Effects Supervisor / Producer: Rob van den Bragt
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
Compositors: Jannes Hendrikz, Johan Scheepers
3D Artist: Lionel Glenn Ewan, Derik van der Berg, Casey Chelchinskey, Michael Howard
Music: Audio Militia
Audio: Lorens Persson
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

Chicken Licken at Cannes Lions

Chicken Licken / Joe Public

Chicken Licken at Cannes Lions

We’re super stoked with our recent project for Chicken LickenSbu2.0

and the fact that it has entered for the Cannes Lions.

Allan Gray "Father's Share"

Allan Gray / King James II

Allan Gray "Father's Share"

The TVC, titled Father’s Share, is set in 1950s South Africa. It tells the story of a family guided by a ‘disciplined, and seemingly punitive’ father over a period of five decades. The TVC shows a father asking his children for a portion of their earnings throughout their lives. Told from the son’s perspective, viewers see the father taking his share; from the time the child is making pocket money from household chores, to when he reaches adulthood. However, unbeknownst to the son, his father keeps a record of every single transaction in the form of a ledger.

The ledger remains a secret until the time of the father’s passing. When the son returns home, the purpose of the ledger is revealed and the money is returned. Chocolate Tribe got involved early in the development process and worked closely with director, Peter Pohorsky and producer Ben Kaufman, to research and propose ways to bring to life the early days of the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s in South Africa. We worked with production designer Riccardo Pugliese and where needed created various 2D and 3D matte paintings to enhance and extend the sets.

Prosthetics: Jaco Snyman and Mathew Howard-Tripp
Hair: Ayten Morgenstern and Barry Du Bruin
Make Up: Debra Nicol
Editor: Ricky Boyd (Deliverance Post)
Colourist: Craig Simonetti (Pudding)
VFX & Post Production: Chocolate Tribe
Creative Director / Producer: Rob van den Bragt
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
3D Artist: Jay Sheldon
Compositor: Johan Scheepers
Production Assistant: Bianca Thusi
Music Company: Howard Audio
Composer: Adam Howard
Sound: Sterling Sound
Sound Designer: Lorens Persson

Client: Allan Gray
Head Of Advertising: Zwelethu Nkosi
Agency: King James II
Creative Founding Partner: Rob McLennan
Founding Partner: Graeme Jenner
Creative Director: Michael Wilson
Strategy Partner: Lesego Kotane
Account Director: Muriel Gouws
Business Unit Director: Sheri Goldberg
Agency TV Producer: Wendy Botha
Production Company: Plank Films
Director: Peter Pohorsky
Composer: Adam Howard

Producer: Ben Kaufman
DoP: John Christian Rosenlund
1st Assistant Director: Nick Lorentz
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
Production Designer: Riccardo Pugliese
Art Director: Lisa Mackay
Wardrobe Stylist: Izolina De Vasconcelos
Production Manager: Seamus Bax
Production Coordinator: Liezl Willemse
Key Grip: Thomas Wahl
Gaffer: Bruce Thomas
Sound: Tony Honeybun
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

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Chicken Licken "Sbu2.0"

Chicken Licken / Joe Public

Chicken Licken "Sbu 2.0"

Chocolate Tribe and Bladeworks collaborated for all the VFX work on the latest Greg Gray advert from Romance Film. Craving some new work with a side of hotwingsGreg Gray‘s latest spot for Chicken Licken will satiate you with its dark comedic tale of an unassuming science teacher and his robotic double.

A major bow to the wonderful performances of our actors, Mothusi Mangano and Lele Ledwaba. You rocked it! With peri-peri sauce!
Thank you to Joe Public United for another awesome ad!

Please click here to view the behind the scenes.

Agency: Joe Public United (ATL & Digital)
Client: Chantal Sombonos van Tonder
Group Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Executive Creative Director: Roanna Williams
Creative Director: Martin Schlumpf
Senior Art Director: Gareth O’Callaghan
Senior Copywriter: Cameron Fraser
Group Account Director: Amber Mackeurtan
Agency TV Producer: Di Cole
Production Company: Romance Films
Director: Greg Gray
Executive Producer: Helena Woodfine
Creative Research: Maghiel van Dorssen
Director of Photography: Jamie D Ramsay
Art Director: Chris Bass
Editor & Post Production Offline: Ricky Boyd (Deliverance Post)
Visual Effects Supervisors: Rob van den Bragt (Chocolate Tribe) & Jean Du Plessis (Bladeworks)
Visual Effects:
Producer: Corlia Ohlson De fine
Compositor: Jean Du Plessis
Chocolate Tribe:
VFX Supervisor / Producer: Rob van den Bragt
Lead TD: Tiaan Franken
Junior 3D: Jascha Wohlkinger
Audio: Louis Enslin (Produce Sound)
Music: ‘Human’, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
Music Licensing: Marc Algranti
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

Johnny Clegg "King of Time”

Johnny Clegg / Egg Films

Johnny Clegg "King of Time"

“If I could speak to the King of Time
He could erase and rewind
If I could only go back to that day
Maybe we’ll find our way,
King of Time” – Johnny Clegg

Jaron Clegg, director of the music video “King of Time” invites us to enter a new world of space, travel and time. The music video captures a young South African couple arguing on the streets of Johannesburg when suddenly a tragic moment happens.

Please click here to view the full song.

The young King rushes back in time to save and reverse this precious moment. The Chocolate Tribe worked together with director Jaron Clegg to assist him in bringing his vision to life.
“A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible: and thank you to the beautiful people at the Chocolate Tribe, Rob van den Bragt and Tiaan Franken, you guys rock!”
– Jaron Clegg

Congratulations to Jaron Clegg on the music video; you are now an “Honorary Tribe

Direction: Jaron Clegg
Production House: Egg Films
VFX / Compositing: Johan Scheepers, Jaron Clegg, Rob van den Bragt
3D Artists: Jaron Clegg, Tiaan Franken
Legal and Business Affairs Manager: Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt