Toyota "Has it All" Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes - Toyota "Has It All"

In Dec 2019 the Chocolate Tribe team was approached by director Dean Blumberg and his team at Massif to bring to life the average working joe . The catch was that, the average joes are robots working on Toyotas assembly line, making Toyota Corollas! In collaboration with the director and Draft FCB, Chocolate Tribe’s

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in-house concept art department designed all the robotic characters and factory space. A full environment with an assembly line, robots, cars and factory elements were build in 3D. A team of 8 animators and 3 compositors took almost 8 months to create a total of 3 brand ads, and 18 social media ads.

Savanna "Bird" Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes - Savanna Jean:"Birds"

In the fight against over garnished Gin drinks, Savanna decided to bring out their offer to combat the frou-frou of craft Gin. Savanna Jean.

The cute little Cape White Eye birds are drawn to our gin drinker’s garnish on his oversized glass, which he soon regrets ordering. Shot in a pre-Covid world, Greg Gray and Helena Woodfine from Romance films approached Chocolate Tribe to create all the CGI birds in post.

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Our VFX Supervisor, Rob van den Bragt was on-set to guide the shoot for all the VFX requirements and in just 6 weeks from shoot, we modelled, textured, rigged, animated and composited in the hungry, playful birds. Well done to everyone for bringing these cheeky little birds to life and delivering a very humorous and fun filled advert.

Little Checkers Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes - Little Checkers

99c and Bioscope Films with director Rio Allen approached us to animate, composite and grade this fun “Little Checkers” commercial.

Now, who wouldn’t want to animate a world made of Lego type blocks? We are no stranger to Lego animation, and of course are always up for another one.

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We previously animated our short film Lego “Jurassic Park” and DSTV “Explora” (featuring Lego Batman).

All scenes were 3D animated in Maya with Redshift as our renderer.

Investec "Human Searchbar" Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes - "Human Searchbar"

This amazing collaboration with The Star Film and director Tristan Holmes resulted in a truly stunning visual and impactful commercial for Investec. Director Tristan Holmes had a clear vision and narrative for Investec a beautiful dark world of old and new. Old historical buildings with statues and detailed architecture, symbols of money, power and knowledge, amazing sets and seamless visual effects have made this multi-award winning ad worth watching over and over again. The production was shot in Bulgaria where Chocolate Tribe’s Rob van den Bragt was the on-set supervisor.

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The Tribe added various building set extensions, CGI birds, huge spit flaps walls and paper animations, snow and enhanced multiple shots. A fully blue screen set was through the magic of post production converted into a massive animated split flap wall and various paper simulations were added to the shots to enhance the volume of papers falling from above.
This was truly a unique project that Chocolate Tribe got the opportunity to work on and it was an amazing collaboration with Tristan Holmes and Star Films.

Cognition Behind The Scenes

BBC | Ravi Ajit Chopra

Behind The Scenes-Cognition

Brit Sci-fi short Cognition, starring Andrew Scott and Jeremy Irvine and, produced and directed by Ravi Ajit Chopra, is a short dystopian sci-fi drama / thriller about a son confronting his past trauma to reconnect with his father. Journeying through the symbolic landscape of the subconscious mind, the story follows an unbreakable bond between father and son… A bond that transcends space and time…

Filmed on location at the iconic Battersea Power Station (London) with support from various BBC departments, including an orchestral score from the BBC’s 55 Piece Concert Orchestra, recorded at Air Studios in London.

Renowned production designers Universal Creations (Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy) built key sets and props. Emmy award winning supervising sound editor

Stuart McCowan and his team produced a searing atmospheric soundtrack at Twickenham Film Studios with a Dolby Atmos print at Abbey Road Studios.

Technicolor worked on the film from an early stage and provided grading and finish. Multiple VFX companies were assigned to individual scenes in the film.

Chocolate Tribe worked on the full opening scene of the desert on Planet Vega. All 40 shots were filmed in front of green screen, with the exception of 5 shots, which were full CGI. The Chocolate Tribe team designed and created all landscapes, storms and set extensions. Working closely with the director to set a look and feel for the world build, we moved onto the 3D, digital matte painting and compositing, using tools such as Nuke, After Effects, Maya and Redshift.  In total the film comprised of 350 Visual Effects shots.

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Noughts and Crosses Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes-Noughts and Crosses

The first season of the drama Noughts and Crosses was filmed in 6 episodes across 2 architecturally distinct continents. The central premise of the story is the re-imagination of current history in which Africans have colonized Europe. From a VFX perspective and through believable visuals, Chocolate Tribe in South Africa (as the main VFX supplier) and Factory Fifteen (the UK based supplier) had to construct a new world, new look, a new feel and tone in which the now dominant African symbols like the “the Spirit of the Cross” tower over the well-known London skyline and the various districts of daily suburbia.

Before the post production began, Factory Fifteen together with executive producer Kibwe Tavares, spent several months conceptualising the world and architectural styles and created a library of buildings which would be used later on in post to populate the city skyline. Chocolate Tribe’s VFX supervisor, Rob van den Bragt, spent a significant amount of the time on-set to ensure all the scenes reflected the visual narrative of the story.

An interesting challenge was that filming took place mainly in South Africa, Cape Town which is markedly different from London in ambience and architecture, but also has the iconic Table Mountain, however does not have the recognisable river Thames. As a result, we created numerous set extensions and enhancements to recreate multiple “Londonesque” landscapes.

The series had around 400 VFX shots. A majority of these shots involved set extensions using 3d city structures and digital matte paintings,

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as well as blue/green screen scenes where various rooftop and city views were recreated.

The Chocolate Tribe team enhanced the bomb explosion scene, through adding debris, smoke, fire, building damage and cleaning up the scene. Additional VFX work included 2D crowd duplication, full 3D crowds, screen and sky replacements, and giving intensity to the various action scenes by adding smoke, water, fireworks, blood splatters and weather elements.

The team enjoyed working particularly on the London vista shots, such as the river Thames aerials, where current day London was morphed into the re-imagined Noughts and Crosses world. A world where the tension between the different classes is palpable and resonates strongly in a technical, aesthetic and expressive way.

The core intention of our VFX work was to enhance through distinct visuals the vision of the alternative world in which Noughts are subservient and Crosses are dominant, so through subtle and also obvious city and building enhancements, a new place and state of being is created without question. Colours, facades, spaces and structures played a massive role in achieving the concept.

We worked closely with the directors, producers and production design team to ensure that all aspects of this new narrative world from the minute detail to the glaring, were incorporated naturally and seamlessly.

Queen Sono Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes - Queen Sono

“Over time our roots will get deeper in Africa and South Africa, and we’re moving pretty quickly to that now, and plan to invest more in local content.” – Erik Barmack – Netflix’s VP international originals.

Queen Sono – Netflix’s first Original African series. A thrilling action and spy show mixed with the perfect amount of drama sprinkled in.

Chocolate Tribe was the main VFX vendor on the show delivering around 300 shots across 6 episodes.

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Our VFX team joined Diprente early on during the pre-production process, planning all the bigger (and smaller) VFX scenes the show had in store. At the end, we created CGI military planes, militia camps set extensions, terrorist explosions and car crashes, enhanced various shoot-outs and stunt scenes, and filled the FNB football stadium with a massive crowd, just to name a few of the VFX scenes.

This was a truly rewarding production and we would like to congratulate and thank every crew member who made this exiting show a reality.

Volkswagen "Raccoon"


Volkswagen Raccoon

If you’re not sure of where you left your car…you can’t be sure it’s still yours now can you! Working with the great team at FableFX, Grabarz & Partners, Soup Film and Scott Picket we where thrilled to bring this lovely, but slightly intrusive, Raccoon to life.

Chocolate Tribe’s Rob van den Bragt was on-set working closely with our friends at FableFX to supervise the shoot in Cape Town, South Africa and capture all the VFX data.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Production: Soup Film
Director: Scott Picket
DoP: Crighton Bone

Visual Effects House: FABLEfx

VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt (Chocolate Tribe)

Post Production: Pirates N’ Paradise
Music: Mokoh Musib GmbH

Grand Prix and Gold for Nedbank “Secrets”


Grand Prix and Gold for Nedbank "Secrets"

Three lives. Three secrets. Three branded films. Even more awards.

Nedbank “Secrets” wins at the Loeries 2020. Two awards. The Grand Prix and Gold for branded films. Well done to Joe Public , Romance films, the Chocolate Tribe team and everybody else involved.

Romance Films came to us with the dramatic and emotive scripts focused on characters tied together by a shared unspoken secret and the common message to “see money differently”.

It’s not everyday we get to make three short films with the visionary director Greg Gray and producer Helena Woodfine from Romance Films and the clever people over at Joe Public. Our lead compositor Jean Du Plessis assisted in creating a world where the lives of these three characters are revealed. These multi-award winning films are not to be missed.

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Three lives. Three secrets. Three branded films. Many awards.

Romance Films came to us with the dramatic and emotive scripts focused on characters tied together by a shared unspoken secret and the common message to “see money differently”.

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It’s not everyday we get to make three short films with the visionary director Greg Gray and producer Helena Woodfine from Romance Films and the clever people over at Joe Public. Our lead compositor Jean Du Plessis assisted in creating a world where the lives of these three characters are revealed. These multi-award winning films are not to be missed.

Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg
Group Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative Director: Claudi Potter
Senior Art Director: Natalie Walker
Senior Copywriter: Jeanine Vermaak
Managing Director: Khutala Gala
Business Unit Director: Candice Shortt
Account Director: Nomsa Sidu
Account Manager: Lebogang Sebola.
Head of TV and Radio: Di Cole

Production Company: Romance FIlms
Director: Greg Gray
Exec Producer: Helena Woodfine’
Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin

Editor & Company: Kobus Loots + Ricky Boyd Deliverance

Visual Effects / Post Production: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
VFX Producer: Corlia Ohlson de Fine
Lead Compositor: Jean du Plessis
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
Legal and Business Manager: Nosipho Maketo – van den Bragt