The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl


The story of The Little Match Girl tugs at the heartstrings. It is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s emotional tales of a poor girl selling matches but is ignored by everyone around her. She eventually uses the matches to keep herself warm and by striking a matchstick each time she is transported to an imaginary place

where her life is better. What a treat for Chocolate Tribe to have worked with the amazing team that included Director Kim Geldenhuys, Executive Producer Ashleigh Jarratt and Adam Bentel to reimagine this classic tale. Chocolate Tribe did the concept art, VFX, 3D, compositing and atmospherics.

November is Movember at Chocolate Tribe

November is Movember at Chocolate Tribe

Men's Health Awareness Month

Modern as they are, we still live in societies that demand men to project strength, stoicism and the ‘men don’t cry’ persona. Stereotypes that result in many men not feeling comfortable with openly sharing their mental and physical struggles.

In November, as part of the annual global campaign Movember, Chocolate Tribe is participating in this impactful movement to raise awareness around men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), men are lost too young – often for reasons that are preventable. As a forward-looking workplace, we are taking steps to make a difference to the men in our spheres of influence.

We are embarking on several fun-filled physical and mental challenges to get behind this cause but also, to get the men in our Tribe moving as well as talking more openly about struggles they may be facing. Here’s our journey so far!

Staying true to who we are, the Tribe is bringing dedication, teamwork and openness.
Check out more of what Chocolate Tribe is up to on our social media @chocolatetribe

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…. And that is exactly what we did

With a three-legged race, sac race and a South African classic – Eggy – the Chocolate Tribe team are being tested for endurance. We split the Tribe into five groups, getting away from the computer screens, taking in fresh air, and of course some healthy team building competition.

Chocolate Tribe members are committing themselves this month to reaching 60km either by walking, jogging, or running throughout the month. This is to bring awareness to the 60 men we lose globally to suicide every hour.

Chicken Licken "Nuggets of Wisdom"

Chicken Licken

Nuggets Of Wisdom

Nuggets of wisdom will save you from yourself; whether you are about to sign your life away to a loan shark, reveal your instant fortune to undeserving family members or to have a lifelong tat in a conspicuous spot. This series of entertaining, witty and humorous ads showcase brilliant casting, direction and compositing. Chocolate Tribe absolutely enjoy being paired up with this stellar cast of creatives- RomanceFilms, Joe Public and Deliverance.

Client:Chicken Licken
Agency:Joe Public United
Chief Creative Officer:Pepe Marais, Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative Director:Assaf Levy
Copywriter:Letlhogonolo Swaratlhe
Art Director:Ovayo Ntlabati
Senior Art Director:Alexa Craner
Creative Business Director:Amber Mackeurton
Head of TV & Radio:Diane Cole
Production Company & City:Romance
Director:Greg Gray
Executive Producer:Helena Woodfine
Line Producer:Shannon McDougall
Director of Photography:Adam Bentel
Production Art Director:Will Boyes
Stylist | Costume Design:Bridget Baker
Head of research:Maghiel van Dorssen
Editing Company:Deliverance
Editor:Ricky Boyd
VFX Company: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor:Rob van den Bragt
3D Lead:Tiaan Franken
Producer: Corlia Ohlson de Fine
Lead Compositor: Jean Du Plesiss
Colour Grading:Nick Apostali
Legal & Business Affairs:Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt
Sound Company:The Workroom
Sound Engineer:Stephen Webster

Chicken Licken "Feel The Fire"

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken "Feel The Fire"

Even when you feel nothing at all like our protagonist in this advert, you will most definitely feel the Chicken Licken Fire! Another entertaining showpiece from Joe Public and Romance Films under the direction of Greg Gray.

Chocolate Tribe did the compositing work to enhance the story and give all the visual elements fluidity, connection and filmic fusion.

Client:Chicken Licken
Agency:Joe Public United
Executive Creative Director:Martin Schlumpf
Chief Creative Officer:Pepe Marais, Xolisa Dyeshana
Copywriter:Kyle Lazarus
Art Director:David Mthembu
Group Account Director:Amber Mackeurton
TV Producer:Wendy Botha
Production Company & City:Romance
Director:Greg Gray
Executive Producer:Helena Woodfine
Line Producer:Shannon McDougall
Director of Photography:Adam Bentel
Production Art Director:Will Boyes
Stylist | Costume Design:Bridget Baker
Creative research:Maghiel van Dorssen
Production Manager:Chloe Zondagh
Production Coordinator:Kayla Pendlebury
Editing Company:Deliverance
Editor:Kobus Loots
VFX Company: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor:Rob van den Bragt
3D Lead:Tiaan Franken
Producer: Corlia Ohlson de Fine
Lead Compositor: Jean Du Plesiss
3D Artist: Roche Staats
Colour Grading:Nick Apostali
Legal & Business Affairs:Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt

Seal Team

Seal Team

Triggerfish Animation

Seal Team is an adventure story of Quinn, a seal who enjoys lazying about in the sun, splashing up and down the coastal waters of Cape Town. The highlight of his days are spent dodging and diving away from the Great White Sharks who will happily have him for breakfast. In these perilous waters, he decides to take his power back.

So Quinn recruits a ragtag team of likeminded seals brave, stupid and crazy enough to try and teach those sharks a lesson — once and for all. Jaws will drop!

We celebrate our Executive Creative Director, Rob van den Bragt and Executive Technical Director who were part of the rigging team.

Client: Triggerfish
Rigging TD: Tiaan Franken, Rob van den Bragt





Sky Lions Series South Africa 2021

Sky Creative Agency

Sky Lions Series South Africa 2021

We were approached by Coffee & TV to assist in the Sky Lions Series South Africa 2021 campaign.

Chocolate Tribe did the animation of the springbok and the lion, running towards each other.

Re-enacting the epic upcoming rugby clash between the British Lions and the South African Springboks.

The collaboration was seamless and Chocolate Tribe delivered 10 animation shots.

CREATIVE AGENCY: Sky Creative Agency
3D LEADS: Tiaan Franken, Rob van den Bragt
ANIMATORS: Glenn Ewan, Jesse Sumares
PRODUCERS: Pebbles Yolisa Gqunta
LEGAL AND BUSINESS MANAGER: Nosipho Maketo – van den Bragt

Nedbank "Take Money Seriously"


Nedbank - "Take Money Seriously"

An instalment of 5 thought provoking commercials from Nedbank with the accomplished line-up of Joe Public, Director Greg Gray from Romance FilmsAdam Bentel (DOP) from Joe Public and Chocolate Tribe. Nedbank asks whether you want a bank that takes your money through the latest sneakers, phone, perfume, car, and expensive drink or a bank that takes your money seriously? The ads were shot in various parts of Cape Town. For VFX and Animation, Chocolate Tribe did a lot of set enhancements and extensions.

We created the massive sandstorm that is looming towards the status car, the underwater world that threatens to engulf the lady of leisure, the jellyfish in the bar of illusions and holograms.  We crafted the phone animations that were mesmerizing, created the basketball, hoop and the fire that sets them all alight. Chocolate Tribe was in its element in creating the various worlds and illusions. Thoroughly enjoyed working on this.

Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg
Group Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative Director: Martin Schlumpf
Senior Art Director: Wesley Wolf
Senior Copywriter: Michelle Mckenna
Managing Director: Khuthala Gala Holten
Business Unit Director: Phindile Ndzekeli
Account Director: Nomsa Sidu
Account Manager: Lebogang Sebola
Head of TV and Radio: Di Cole

Production Company: Romance Films
Director: Greg Gray
Exec Producer: Helena Woodfine
Director of Photography: Adam Bentel

Editor & Company: Kobus Loots | Deliverance

Visual Effects / Post Production: Chocolate Tribe
VFX Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
Lead Technical Director: Tiaan Franken
VFX Producer: Corlia Ohlson de Fine
Lead Compositor: Jean du Plessis
Compositors: Johan Wentzel, Jannes Hendriks
3D Artists: Jesse Sumares, Movaine Govender, Roche Staats, Thezi Ndhlazi, Maya Kahanovitz, Ida Nambassi, Novak Miler
Concept Artist: Michael Howard
IT Support: : Jandre van Heerden, Ramaano Mulaudzi
Junior Project & Systems Organizer: : Nivasha Doorsamy
Legal and Business Manager: Nosipho Maketo – van den Bragt

Colourist: Nic Apostoli | Strangelove

Sound Company: The Workroom
Sound Engineer: Stephen Webster
Sound Design: Kobus Loots + Stephen Webster
Musical Direction: Kobus Loots

Double win for Chocolate Tribe at Ciclope Africa!

Ciclope Africa

Double win for Chocolate Tribe at Ciclope Africa!

On Thursday 15 April, Chocolate Tribe walked away with two pink statues from the Ciclope Africa Awards 2021.

Chicken Licken Alien “They Also Crave it “ winning best Animation and Showmax’s “Game Changers” winning best VFX, cementing Chocolate Tribe’s twin passion but also as a studio that brings its A-game when it comes to Animation and VFX.

The tribe worked hard to bring these authentic characters to life, rigging and fully animating the lead characters – Zezorc and Muhammed Ali. These two exciting ads gave us the amazing opportunity to not only work on such dynamic creature animation in “Alien”, but the high honor to bring the iconic Muhammed Ali back to life in “Game Changers”.

Well done to Joe Public, Romance Films, Egg Films, Multichoice, the Chocolate Tribe team and everyone behind the scenes.

Chicken Licken Sbu Behind The Scenes

Chicken Licken

Behind The Scenes - "Sbu2.0"

Chocolate Tribe and Bladeworks collaborated for all the VFX work on the latest Greg Gray advert from Romance Film. Craving some new work with a side of hotwingsGreg Gray‘s latest spot for Chicken Licken will satiate you with its dark comedic tale of an unassuming

science teacher and his robotic double. A major bow to the wonderful performances of our actors, Mothusi Mangano and Lele Ledwaba. You rocked it! With peri-peri sauce!

Thank you to Joe Public United for another awesome ad!

Please click here to view the full commercial.

Super Bowl Ad Pringles "Space Return" Behind The Scenes


Super Bowl Ad - Behind The Scenes - Pringles "Space Return"

Pringles – Does it get bigger than an advert for The Superbowl? Pringles – Space Return was an exciting transatlantic creative affair between GREY AgencyTownhouse Production Company, Greg Gray from  Romance Films, Chocolate Tribe VFX and Company 3. It is a fun, buoyant, and entertaining advert about 2

astronauts returning to earth in hope of a heroes’ welcome. But unfortunately, they have been forgotten due to the craze of “Pringles stacking”. Chocolate Tribe’s work included the creation of the landing pod interior and exterior, control room set extension, a ship with water simulations and sky replacements.

Please click here to view the full commercial.